Mission Statement

The Psychophysiology of Emotion and Human NeuroCognition Lab engages in research to better understand how emotionally salient information captures attention, is processed, encoded, and represented in working memory.

To accomplish these goals we use a combination of basic cognitive psychology techniques supported by psychophysiological measures including autonomic measures (skin conductance, heart rate), startle response modulation, and event-related brain potentials.

Ultimately we are interested in the impact and function of emotional cognitive operations on associated cognitive behaviors, decisions, motivations as well as their potential contribution to symptoms of psychopathology.

 Please look around site to see more about what we are doing. As you can see, this site is currently being renovated, so you may want to come back again later to see what has changed.

While the site is under re-construction - you may contact us directly at phaerich@pehclab.org